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                        Background and History on Page I Rural Water and First USDA-RD Project Loan Received in 1978

On February 9, 1972, 58 Page County farmers and landowners met in Yorktown with representatives of the state office of the Farmers Home Administration to receive information on the organizing and operation of a future rural water district in the county. Since 1966 the FHA begin providing federal loans and grants for rural water districts.

  Several organizational meetings followed and interest in a county wide rural water project grew. On July 18, 1972, a steering committee was formed and on February 8, 1973 Articles of Incorporation papers were filed with the State of Iowa under the business name of Page I Rural Water District.

 On September 24, 1973, Bartlett & West Engineers from Topeka, Kansas were hired to complete a feasibility study for the first rural water project in Page County. The preliminary engineer’s study and report was completed in 1974 which identified several possible water supplies for Page I Rural Water District. These included building a new WTP near the Missouri River, buying treated water from the cities of Shenandoah or Clarinda, or looking into drilling a series of wells located at a reliable aquifer source with a groundwater treatment facility.

The first water tower for Page I Rural Water was constructed 2.5

miles west of Clarinda in 1979 by Universal Tank & Iron Works at

total cost of $290,300.00. This 500,000 Gallon water tower provided

sustainable water pressure for the entire 580 Mile Page I RW District

pipeline system with water purchased and pumped from Clarinda.

 For the next 4 years, meetings were held to determine a water source and to secure additional project signups, and federal and state permits and regulatory approvals. On July 31, 1978, a bid letting was held for the R.W. District N0. 1 – Page County construction of 580 miles of water distribution pipeline, a 500,000 Gallon elevated water tower and connection to the City of Clarinda water supply. Once the project was completed it would provide rural water service to 1,033 benefit users and the Town of Coin.

 On November 9, 1978, the Page I Rural Water District was approved for a USDA loan for $4,553,000.00 and federal grant for $1,676,400.00. Construction of the 580 Mile pipeline project begun in January 1979. The R.W. District N0. 1 Page County project was completed on March 1, 1980. The following is a summary of the 1978 USDA Loan and Grant received and total payments completed on May 31, 2017.

1. Loan Resolution Security Agreement dated November 9, 1978 for $4,553,000.00

2. Water System Grant Agreement revised and Dated March 5, 1980 for $1,676,400.00

3. 40 Year Promissory Note for Monthly Installment Payments of $22,538.00 – 5% Interest Rate

4. Development Cost Summary – Total Project Cost $6,586,798.78

5. Interest Only Payment on 11-07-79 = $159,968.50

6. Interest Only Payment on 11-06-80 = $217,650.00

7. Interest Only Payment on 11-08-81 = $226,500.00

8. Principal and Interest Payments 12-11-81 through 5-31-17 = $9,728,191.63

9. Loan Balance of $930,000.00 was Refinanced at 4% with Bank Iowa on April 3, 2014 

10. Bank Iowa Loan Payoff on May 31, 2017 – TOTAL PAYMENTS IN 38 ½ YEARS = $10,332,310.13


1972 –         Organized Steering Committee in Page County, Iowa

1973 –         Filed Articles of Incorporation with State of Iowa as 504A as Page I Rural Water 
                   District -  Hired Bartlett & West Engineers to complete Preliminary Engineering Report 

1974 –         PER completed for Phase I Project in Page County, Iowa – B.W. Engineers

1976 –         Entered into 40 Year Water Purchase Contract with City of Clarinda  - 1 MGD Supply

1978 –         Initial Page County -Phase I Project approved by Iowa Dept. Environmental Quality
         -         Bid Letting For Page County – Phase I Project - July 1978
         -         USDA- FmHA Project Loan = $4,553,000.00 and Grant $1,676,400.00
         -         Construction Started in October 1978

1980 –         Construction of 580 Mile Phase I Project completed in March 1980 – Water Service To 
                   1033 Benefit Users and the Towns of Coin, Northboro, and Yorktown 

1984-           FEMA Funds Received For Water System Reconstruction = $24,010.00

1980-1995 – Line Extension- Service Additions to the Towns of Blanchard, Imogene, New Market,
                   Westboro, Mo. and 270 Rural Users – All new line extensions constructed with signup
                   connection fees except Imogene – 
          USDA – FmHA Loan For Imogene Extension in 1981 = $65,640.00

1993-           FEMA Funds Received For Water System Reconstruction = $40,970.00

1995 –         New Water Purchase Contract signed with City of Red Oak - .46 MGD Supply For Mont. 
                   Co. Phase I Project and supplement water supply for western Page County

1996 –         Construction of 84 Mile Mont. Co. Phase I Project completed – New Water Service To 
                  165 Benefit Users – Constructed New Water System For Blanchard with Franchise 
                   - USDA RD Project Loan = $1,113,000.00  RD Grant = $1,287,000.00
                   - CDBG Grant = $667,000.00  Signup Fees $46,924.96  Cash Funds = $101,981.00

1998-           FEMA Funds Received For Water System Reconstruction = $221,184.45

1996-2001 – Line Extension – Service Additions to 174 Rural Users – All new line extensions 
                   constructed with signup connection fees

2002 -          116 Mile User Add On Project in Fremont, Montgomery, Page, Taylor counties Water 
          Service to 204 Benefit Users – Imogene and Hepburn Town Franchise Agreements
          USDA RD Loan = $1,216,000.00  RD Grant = $421,000.00  CDBG = $363,000.00

2002-2004 -  Line Extension – Service Additions to 72 Rural Users and the Town of Elmo, Mo.– All 
                   new line extensions constructed with signup connection fees

2004 -          Conducted Test Well Drill Work for additional groundwater supply in Montgomery 
                   County – work completed by Layne Christensen Well Co. – core drilled 9 sites – 
                   Purchased land and installed test wells on two sites total cost $135,411.70 –

          Constructed 5 miles of 10” pipeline with new 220 GPM pump station and 300,000 
                   Gallon Elevated Water Tower to extend Red Oak water supply to southwest Page and 
                   Fremont counties USDA-RD Loan = $800,000.00 Grant = $400,000.00

2005 –         96 Mile Mont. Co. Phase II Project constructed to serve 181 new benefit users
                   USDA RD Loan = $1,386,000.00 RD Grant =  699,000.00 CDBG Grant = $600,000.00

          New Water Purchase Contract with City of Clarinda for 1 MGD with New WT Plant
          USDA RD Loan = $2,500.000.00 RD Grant = $1,892,500.00

2006 -          Construct On-Site Wastewater/ Sand Filter System for Viking Lake State Park Village
          USDA RD Loan  = $31,000.00  RD Grant = $45,500.00 WIRB Grant = $58,500.00

2008-           FEMA Funds Received For Water System Reconstruction = $319,507.27

2008-2010-   Constructed New 770 GPM Pumping Station For Clarinda Water Supply
                   Funded With Cash Reserves = $502,168.87  USDA-RD Grant = $38,801.00

2005-2010    Line Extensions – Service Additions to 82 Rural Users – All new line extensions    
                   constructed with signup connection fees

2010-           Secure Water Purchase And Line Extension Agreement with Town of College Springs
                   CDBG Project Award = $229,548.00  -SRF Funding $118,252.00 Applied For By Town

          Working with the Towns of Braddyville and Shambaugh for new water line service -
                   Connection –CDBG Funds application submitted for partial funding of $1,617,300.00