On July 31, 2018 the S.W. Regional Water District was awarded a $500,000.00 grant from the USDA Rural Development federal funding program to be used with a $2.1 Million low interest loan for the construction of 2 new 600 GPM Dakota sandstone wells in central Montgomery county. The project also will include the construction of 5 Miles of 12” PVC pipe to be located in north central Page county.

SWRWD begin test well drilling work and some preliminary engineering design work in 2016. This test drilling work provided hydrogeological information to use in the planning and location of future production wells. SWRWD invested $580,443.46 in engineering, test drilling, land purchase, and federal pre-application environmental studies to prepare the project for loan and grant application by the end of May 2018

S.W. Regional Water District secured an IDNR water withdrawal permit on June 28, 2018. This State Permit allows SWRWD to pump 1200 GPM from the Dakota Sandstone Aquifer. Once the two Dakota wells are in full operation, SWRWD will increase its groundwater supply
by 1.2 MGD.

   SWRWD is also planning pipeline extensions to 60 new 
customers. This will involve the construction of 28 miles
of new pipeline. Century Bank will finance this project
which has an engineering cost estimate of $896,000.00
and will be bid and constructed in late 2019.

SWRWD Dakota Sandstone Well N0. 2 – 8 Acre
  Site located at 1961 K Avenue. Future well
  production design for 600 GPM. 

SWRWD Dakota Sandstone Well N0. 1 – 4 Acre Site located at 2003 K Avenue.  Future well production design for 600 GPM. IDNR Permit N0. 10230.
Preliminary engineering plans for pipeline easement 
  and right of way acquisition. - September 2018