Call 1-800-292-8989 or 811 at least 48 hours prior to all excavation. Iowa One Call is a free service.
Iowa law requires that any person, homeowner, professional, public or private entity, planning to engage in any form of excavation within the state of Iowa, must notify the Iowa One Call notification system, at 1-800-292-8989 or 811, at least 48 hours prior to excavating.
The Iowa One Call notification system is a free call and a free service to all persons planning an excavation within the state of Iowa. The required 48 hours advance notice does not include Saturdays and Sundays or legal holidays.
Iowa One Call is a non-profit organization funded by the owners and operators of underground facilities who are required by law to belong to the system.
Iowa One Call is committed to maintaining and operating a notification system efficient in relaying information and safeguarding underground facilities essential to all Iowans.


  • Operations Manager:  Kevin Gowing  
Cell Phone 712-303-0196

  • Office Accounting Department:  Tasha Worl
       Alisha Irvin

      Office:  1-800-579-8068   
      Fax 712-542-5221

  • Service Technicians:  
Jeremy Fastenau:  
Cell Phone 712-303-0194 

Jacob Walters: 
Cell phone  712-303-0193

David Cash:  
Cell phone  712-303-0114

                                                  Cody Clubb:  
                                                  Cell phone 712-303-0195

Iowa Rural Water Association 1-800-747-7782

  • Iowa DNR Public Drinking Water Region N0. 4 Office  712-243-1934
  • Iowa Homeland Security 515-725-3231
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Operations/Projects ManagementKevin Gowing - System Manager - W.D. III & W.T.II

Office Accounting Department & Tasha Worl - Office Manager
                                                                                                               Alisha Irvin - Office Coordinator

Construction/Iowa One Calls/Service Technician Jeremy Fastenau - Page County -  W.D. I & W.T. I
GPS Mapping/Iowa One Calls/Service Technician       Jacob Walters - Page County -  W.D. I & W.T. II
Water Quality Testing & Reports/Service Technician David Cash- Montgomery County- W.D. I & W.T.I
Construction/Service Technician                                                       Cody Clubb-Page County

Maintenance Contractors      JW Excavation/College Springs, IA  ----  Nally Plumbing & Excavation/Braddyville, IA

Project Financing      USDA Rural Development/Atlantic, IA  ----  Iowa Dept E.D. CDBG/Des Moines, IA

Auditor - CPA      CPA Diane McGrain  ----  Schroer & Asscociates/Council Bluffs, IA

Attorneys      Smith & Peterson Law Firm/Council Bluffs, IA  ----  Watson & Ryan P.L.C/Council Bluffs, IA

Engineer                                                                                               Bartlett & West Engineering / Topeka, KS

Water Quality Testing Labs           Keystone Lab/Newton, IA  ----  Mangold Environmental Testing/Storm Lake, IA