Southwest Regional Water is classified by the State of Iowa DNR as an Iowa Public Water System Grade III Distribution and Iowa Grade II Treatment Facility.  The District staff are certified and hold regulatory licenses to meet EPA Safe Drinking Water Act and Iowa DNR Public Water System standards.  The S.W. Water District is licensed and monitored by the State of Iowa DNR under two – PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY PERMITS.  PWS Number 7383901 permit is assigned to the Clarinda water supply service area located in the eastern part of the rural system.  PWS Number 6950701 permit is assigned to the Red Oak water supply service area located in the western part of the rural system.  These two permits provide different water testing and sampling requirements based on surface and groundwater supply water regulations and size of service area.
The Water District also owns and operates a wastewater system located at the Viking Lake State Park village in Montgomery County.  This is an on-site septic tank system with a sand filtration bed and lift stations.  The District staff is certified to operate this system under the NPDE General Permit NO. 4 standards.
The S.W. Regional Water District continues to expand its water system to serve new customers.  Application forms for new water services are located on this web site under FAQ.

Water service to each benefit user property is provided through a meter box service that is placed at an average depth of 52" in the front yard.  The meter box consists of a PVC shell liner with 3/4" brass and polybutylene tubing.  The customer can access this meter box to shut the water off upstream from the water meter.  The meter box drawing shown on the attached web link is the type of meter box that is installed on a typical S.W. Regional Water service connection except the bury depth of the meter box is 54" and not 72".
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